Donni Satin Dolce Headband

Satin wrapped padded headband
Made in LA
100% Satin ribbon..

Donni Coco

Solid doubled silk satin necktie.

Donni Gigi

Stripped linen necktie or hair tie.

Donni Silk Chiquita

Silk hair scrunchie with bow detail

Donni Racer

Solid brushed wool panels connected by a ribbed knit stripe ..

Donni Thermal Quad

4-tone cotton waffle square scarf.

Donni Fur Gigi Scarf

Donni cotton striped neckerchief with mink fur. 100% genuine..
$255.00 $102.00

Donni Diagonal Bandana

Donni Two-tone cotton square neckerchief. Cotton, Linen, Ray..
$64.00 $16.00