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Donni Sherpa Zip Up

The easiest pullover ever. Faux fur complimented by a freshw..

Donni Tri Fleece Pullover - Chocolate/Navy/Black

Tri-color fleece pullover sweatshirt.

Donni Poodle Pullover

Cozy poodle pullover in creme.

Donni Tri Fleece Pullover - Pink/Chocolate/Camel

Tri-color fleece pullover sweatshirt.

Donni Pearl Keshi Bobbypin

Freshwater pearl keshi bobbypin.

Donni Pearl Coin Bobbypin

Freshwater pearl coin bobbypin.

Donni Flat Baroque Pearl Barrette

Large freshwater baroque pearl barrette.

Donni Coin Pearl Comb

The freshwater pearl coin comb is a chic solution for your u..

Donni Satin Dolce Headband

Satin wrapped padded headband
Made in LA
100% Satin ribbon..
$48.00 $34.00

Donni Coco

Solid doubled silk satin necktie.

Donni Gigi

Stripped linen necktie or hair tie.
$44.00 $31.00

Donni Silk Chiquita

Silk hair scrunchie with bow detail