Who do you dress for?


when this look went down the runway during the Tibi SS20 show in September of 2019, I knew I wanted to buy it for the shop, but I had no idea of what we would be going through. it’s a strange feeling to look back on a time and realize you had no idea what was coming. I didn’t know that the events I saw my clients wearing this look to would be cancelled, and that we would be spending all of our time at home, around only our immediate families [which for me is just my mini doxie]. I was talking with one of my clients about having nowhere to wear any of our clothes, and it occurred to me that we have become accustomed to dressing only for others. wouldn’t it be interesting to live in a world where you purchased this look to wear for yourself, knowing only you would see it? what kind of confidence would you have if you looked in the mirror wearing something like this every day, even if you didn’t get to show it to anyone else? would it change the way you feel about yourself and what you wanted to do + how you wanted to spend your time? I don’t have the answers, but what I do know is that the relationship you have with yourself is important, and while it’s totally natural to dress for others, it’s really empowering to dress for yourself. just my thoughts today. miss you all + hang in there, #foldbabes!

xo natalie.

Natalie Navis