Styling Tips + Tricks



You know those fashion girls who somehow always look flawless? The ones who effortlessly sport skirts on the street, have mastered "messy chic," and wear baggy clothing that works? Their clothes always seem to fit perfectly, yet look like they were thrown on at a moment's notice. 


I'll tell you a secret. Before I began my journey in the fashion world, I envied this seemingly unachievable "cool girl" style. I now realize that those girls appear more intimidating than they are, and the unattainable bit turned out to be smoke and mirrors. These women posses 2 basic similarities: style knowledge, and confidence. Hopefully, you will have gained a little of both by the end of this. 


Every fashion girl has spent hours in her wardrobe pondering what to wear. You've been there, and I have too (the times seem infinite). I want the following advice to help you re-imagine your favorite pieces so you can wear them in a new way. 


Waist Flattering Tricks 



Belt your blazer at the smallest part of your waist



Sofia - Black     


Sofia - Burgundy   


Sofia - Limoncello                          



Front tuck a boxy or slouchy top for a better silhouette


 Ulla Johnson Medine Blouse 


Ulla Johnson Constance Blouse  


Ulla Johnson Audrey Blouse



Wear a high waisted silhouette with a straight leg - this shape pulls the eye away and down from the leg.


VEDA Eclipse Jean


Ulla Johnson Ellis Jean



Tuck a top into a voluminous, high waisted skirt.



Tibi Heavy Nylon Shirred Waistband Full Skirt



Leg Flattering Tricks



Make sure your ankle peeps out of your pant - if your legs are short, turn the hem over once, the thickness of your cuff depends on the length of your legs. (FOR DEMIN : NEVER turn your hem over more than once)


AMO Audrey Jean



Pop on a heel to elongate the leg. 


Rag & Bone Ellis Sandal


Rag & Bone Aslen Boot 



Don't Knock it 'Till you Try it 



Flatter arms by wearing tops with voluminous sleeves that taper in at the cuffs.


Ulla Johnson Briony Top


Tibi Mercer Knit Top


Ulla Johnson Philo Pullover



Give your favorite evening dress or skirt a cool daytime vibe by pairing it with tough sneakers [OMG...Golden Goose coming to The Fold soon!!!] or hiker boots (hikers).


Vince Ribbed Skirt


Rag & Bone Cannon Boot



If the sleeves on a garment feel too overwhelming, roll or push them up (minimum : expose wrists... maximum : roll/push up to elbows)


Mara Hoffman Helena Sweater


Marissa Webb Corrigan Jacket


 Ulla Johnson Pia Blouse



I love fashion because I hate rules... stay with me here. In fashion, any and all "rules" are encouraged to be broken. Wearing white shoes in the fall is a statement. Black + Navy was one of the most popular color combinations for winter 2018. Women are now encouraged to wear whatever they want, whenever they want. This applies to you, too. If you like something, and it makes you feel great, PLEASE summon the confidence to look in the mirror, say "I look good," and go out into the world to be the boss lady that you are. 


That "cool girl" is you, and she is me. We support each other, and we love each other.







Aya Zacharias