Le Printemps

The time is spring. After a gray and wet winter, the turn of the season breathes life and color into a once colorless terrain.

Karlie in Paris || for @yerishimilano 
The sun hits the landscape to a choir of ravens, pigeons and mourning doves, rousing French bodies from their slumbers at or before 7 AM. You wouldn’t notice the quiet activity of Paris’ population if you were out and about before the clock struck 9, however. Morning ritual in the city includes long moments of meditation, large French windows ajar to the sweet silence of dawn. 
Though the mornings are solitary in style, an intimacy exists amongst the residents of the Parisian apartment. Windows open out towards the courtyard, beckoning the sweet spring air to flow. You wash dishes while your neighbor across from you beats his rugs against the wrought iron detail ornamenting every pane of glass. Though you do not know him, this ritual you share together is sacred, familiar. 

Karlie in Paris || for @aimestudioparis
Sounds of industry are few in these early hours. Only quiet conversations from the smokers below manage to permeate upwards, sometimes aided by the puttering engine of a lonely car. The only foot traffic beyond the courtyard belongs to the diligent preservationists of Paris’ ancient infrastructure. You can hear the scrubbing of cobblestone mixing with the single sound of a melancholic police siren. Time ticks slowly by and the sun begins to bathe the iconic architecture of the city in a golden hue. 
Bakeries and businesses open their doors and keep them so, letting their sweet smells and friendly atmospheres mingle with the outside air. Now is when the locals light from their perches, joining the current of activity below, adding life to Paris’ many nooks and crannies. 
Spring is an awakening. The trees mark this triumphant return of the sun with magnificent color, urging everyone to emerge from their winter cocoons and revel in the beauty of rebirth. Paris loves her photosynthetic citizens and rarely lets an alley exist without a few shades of mother-nature green. To embark upon a day’s journey out and about during these fresh days is a temptation not often resisted.
Wandering the streets of old often feels like traversing through a separate time. The history of the city breathes through its walls, through the wrinkled skin of shopkeepers and their clientele. The future occupies the same space, welcoming multiculturalism and tolerance for novelty with ease. 
Two kids float by on skateboards, bounties of tulle whipping about their ankles. One sports pink braids. A woman of Japanese heritage walks the street in a high-fashion interpretation of the geisha, toting a slender leash for a beautiful animal matching her in stride. Just another day: the Parisian melting pot runneth over.
The people are magnificent. They belong where they stand. You can tell who the true city dwellers are from five seconds of gawking. Regardless of origin, they all share an indescribable allure and confidence about them. They look down upon their domains above an up-tilted nose and swim through the schools of tourists and outsiders with effortless grace. Every one of them is dressed the part–whatever part that may be. The spring gives them a renewed energy, a newborn inspiration. 
You walk these streets long enough and they’ll change you that way. An acceptance for the old and storied, an excitement for the new and unexpected. An identity can evolve amongst Parisian habitude. The exposure necessary for the metamorphosis is minimal but the effects last a life time. 
This is Paris’ secret attraction. No better time or place exists for being present in this fantasy world than le printemps. Come here to be inspired, leave forever changed.

Karlie in Paris || Shot by @arthuroscar_
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Karlie Schaphorst