Donni Trio Scarf

Donni Trio. 3-tone linen multi-use scarf.

Donni Gigi Scarf

Donni Gigi Scarf. Linen necktie. 

Donni Fur Gigi Scarf

Donni cotton striped neckerchief with mink fur. 100% genuine..

Donni Frayed Wonder

Donni cape scarf with frayed edges. 100% Cotton.

Donni Donni Duo Sway Poncho

Donni wool 2-tone poncho cape with tortoise button. 100% woo..
$255.00 $153.00

Donni Diagonal Scarf

Gingham or seersucker cotton panels connected by a french se..

Donni Diagonal Bandana

Donni Two-tone cotton square neckerchief. Cotton, Linen, Ray..
$64.00 $46.00

Donni Darling Bandana

Donni 2-tone silk folded bandana scarf that can double as a ..