Lizzie Fortunato Whirlpool Earrings

These earrings feature blue teardrops hung on gold plated br..

Lizzie Fortunato Heart and Soul Earrings

Might as well face it - we're addicted to love (and we know ..

Lizzie Fortunato Golden Coast Earrings

These earrings are a virtual gold-mine -- for compliments, ..

Kathleen Whitaker Sm Sphere Stud

Hollow sphere stud - 6mm. 14 karat yellow gold.

Thatch Rae Earring

14k gold vermeil or sterling silver bar earrings with draped..

Thatch Milo Bar Stud

14k gold vermeil or sterling silver bar stud earring.

Thatch Iler Studs

14k gold vermeil stud earrings, each adorned with three clea..

Thatch Lola Hoops

14k gold vermeil hoops, with hook closure.

Lizzie Fortunato Crater Earring

Lizzie Fortunato gold plated brass disc earrings with silk, ..

Kathleen Whitaker Strand Stud

Kathleen Whitaker Strand Stud. 2 inches long. Backing inclu..

Kathleen Whitaker Stitch Stud

Kathleen Whitaker Stitch Stud. Edges curve into earlobe. Sti..

Kathleen Whitaker Spike Stud

Kathleen Whitaker Spike Stud. Bullet-shaped stud measures 2m..